The Importance of Time


Hello Wind Felt, not trying to be somebody else, here! And I’m posting about something serious and important to me. Time.

Above is one Photoshop project that I did for my Digital Toolbox class, and there is no doubt in my mind that this is my favorite. The background image I discovered on through Creative Commons was a great match for the shadow of my image. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to create, but then it hit me! I could use my main image (left) and duplicate it (right) and decrease the size and fade the image out. The left image represents me now, and the right was is suppose to appear like me when I’m younger. And then the title of Time was the first thing that I thought about!

Why is Time important to me? I think time should matter to everyone, because there are a lot of things in life that you can lose, but Time is one of the few things that you can never get back. I have a procrastination issue that puts more stress on me than there should be, because procrastinating isn’t using time effectively. So many people could do great things, and these things require time, and you decide how to spend it. Time is like a double-edged blade, time in my opinion is never wasted, because it will always hold some effect whether it be good, or bad.

“It’s all about how you use it…”

This has been Wind Felt, and I’m now breezing out.

GPF – “Games Promoting Failure”

Konnichiwa, my fellow gamers! It’s me,  Fell Wind, Wind’s Felt’s darkside, and I’m here today with any introduction to a new blog series!

Games Promoting Failure (GPF) isn’t what you think it is from the name. I don’t plan on ranting about how video games are bad because that is what my mother is around for. In this blog series I want to give tribute to recent games I feel are so fun, great, addicting, and etc. that can possibly make you say “Finals? I don’t have time for those! I have to finish playing _______.” As you are possibly in your senior year of either high school or college, and you are suppose to be receiving. Hench why the title includes “Promoting Failure”, because these game developers are clearly out to get us gamers! But in all seriousness if you are the type of person to becoming enticed in games easily than steer clear until you atleast have two PhDs!

Two games I’m currently looking to review are Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (IOS) and  League of Legends (PC).  The former being a mobile game based off of the popular franchise Kingdom Hearts, created by Tetsuya Nomura and Shinji Hashimoto, which stars a huge cast of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. If you are into the franchise, and also an RPG style of gameplay mechanics then get your phone ready to download this amazing fun time-killer! Embark on quest, level up key-blades and gears, customize your character to fit your style, and enjoy the amazing soundtrack that we Kingdom Hearts fans have grown to know and love. The latter is a MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, created by RIOT Games, and it features over 100 playable characters deemed “champions” with their own lore, design, and gameplay! You join a team of 4 others players to compete against another 5 players to see who could best the other with the use of teamwork and strategy. Check out these videos to get a sense of the game, and keep an eye out for when I decide to post about them!

This has been Wind Felt, and I’m now breezing out.

The Making of 1-1

Gamestar Mechanic Game Player

Hey, what’s up everyone, its your favorite Republican senator, Bellamy Blake, here! Ready to talk to you about my wonderful creation that was made at Gamestar Mechanic!

1-1, a.k.a the Game of the Century is the game that critics may, or may not, deem a rip-off of the Super Mario Bros, Series.  And I would gladly take that as a compliment if it weren’t true. In any case, this three leveled, exciting plat-former will bring old fans back into nostalgia, and expose new fans to what the series was in the very beginning.

The level design of 1-1 is based heavily on Super Mario Bros. 1-3, but I decided that it could be more than just a rehash of the old games. As you play through each level you will notice that each level starts to differ a lot from the original levels. And these different designs were created by yours truly. At first I thought it would be hard to differentiate the levels to be as creative as the original. I still do, but it didn’t come out as bad as I thought it had. My plan was to make the levels harder than any Super Mario Bros. World 1, Level 1 stage, and I can say that they are fairly difficult. But why don’t you guys tell me?

images Gamestar Mechanic   Toolbox

If you are a Mario fan definitely buy, I mean check-out my game on my Gamestar Mechanic page.

This has been Wind Felt, and I’m now breezing out.