Welcome to Wind Felt. It is a nonprofit blog made for the sole purpose of my expression of my feelings, thoughts, and opinions on different matters. These matters could be trivial, or not. The wind decides what content will arise, because the best content a person could create comes from deep within. And somewhere deep within me, I believe there are “positive vibes.”

I am interested in producing serious content that has a bit of lightheartedness to it, so anyone could have some interest in this blog site. And because this site is a school project I am going to, first and foremost, put my attention to building a professional blog site that will be reflected in my grade. When it comes to being professional, you can only go so far when it comes to freedom of expression because you have to keep others into your consideration. I welcome anyone, and everyone, to come and do as a please. I would am interested in controversial events that occur in society, but my main focus is going to be the Internet. The Internet is another reality of itself, and there are definitely times where it can be just as disappointing. My main source of speculation will just be YouTube which is a smaller part of a larger problem. But there is no reason to spread negativity, because that isn’t cool.

Now with that small introduction, I hope the time and effort that is put into this pays off in the end. Because the only thing I plan to produce on here is something of good quality, or even greater…


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